In a previous blog, I speculated that when the Rapture occurs and the Believers are called up to God, the media will be filled with pundits blaming ‘alien abduction’ for their disappearance.  The summer movie season had its fill of aliens-attacking-earth movies, and one (indirectly two) perhaps has supplied the motivation for the massive alien abduction — slave labor.  It was only one line in the latest Transformers movie, but perhaps it was the planting of the idea.  As it is hard to imagine that aliens will need millions of people for alien probes, it will be easier to imagine that the massive ‘kidnapping’ will be motivated by the need for labor.  Of course, none of this is in Revelations per se, but none the less an amusing speculation now.
When the Rapture does occur and all the Believers are taken away from the Earth, all the world will be left with will be non-Believers and the minions of the Beast.  Perhaps this parallels the angels taking Lot and his family out of Sodom and Gomorrah before the city is cleansed with fire.  Either way, for those who come to God after the Rapture, and I do believe that some people will see the Signs and turn to Christ after the Rapture, those Believers will need to endure and suffer through tremendous hardship for their Faith.  It may be like the time of the Romans, where the governments will actually come to persecute Believers, for those who do become Believers, they will need to avoid getting the Mark of the Beast.  As it is written that any that receives that mark will be truly damned forever.


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