A number of states have passed bills requiring that the for US Presidential elections, the electors from the respective state must cast their votes for the candidate that wins the most votes in the nation, irrespective of who wins the most votes in their state.


I am not an expert on Constitutional law, so I am not sure why these laws have not been challenged.  However, should they do stand, then the 2020 Presidential elections will represent a watershed moment in the history of the US.  Unfortunately, it will be another milestone in the destruction of the Constitution and democratic process in America.

This site has argued that the Beast will rule as a tyrant, and that when he ascends to power, he will destroy any remaining vestiges of democratic process and form.  This does not happen overnight — as we can see, it is happening in baby steps.  However the cumulative effect of these baby steps will at some point cause a quantum leap, into the abyss of tyrannical rule.

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