The US will soon be governed by an illegitimate government, and with it, comes the death of democracy in America.  This site has long been arguing that the agents of the Beast will work for the destruction of democracy in order to prepare the way for the ascension of the Beast — they are now completely unconstrained to finish their task.  Believers in America must prepare for the tsunami of woe that will wash across the country, in an endless tide.

As far as this site goes, in the near term, I will be looking to find a new hosting company for this site, and then upgrade the sites functionality, and rewrite some of the essays found in the themes section — as we move further into the End of Days, we can gain a clearer understanding of how current themes/trends are tied to the coming prophecies of Revelation.

The death of democracy in America further convinces me that the opening of the Sixth Seal (please refer to the Theme section) will entail a catastrophic event in America.  I say this, not because of any direct passage from Revelation, but rather, because I believe that things will get so bad, that Believers trapped in America will themselves ask God to make it so.  Though this may seem overly pessimistic, we shall find out soon enough what the agents of the Beast will do when fully unconstrained — it is safe to say that it will be seen as an abomination in the eyes of God.

May God bless you with the faith and strength to endure, and the wisdom to help guide your path through the trials of the End of Days.

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