When the “news” is so filled with fake news, half-truths, and just plain lies, it can become problematic to make rational analysis of ongoing trends and events.  For example, let’s take something fairly non-political, like inflation.  The central banks, e.g. the Federal Reserve and the ECB (the European Central Bank), repeatedly tell us that the massive surge in inflation is “transitory”, claiming it is a function of “supply bottlenecks”.  However, this is merely a self-serving deception, with the usual word games.  When production capacity is near 100%, then the inability to increase supply is not a ‘bottle-neck’ — it means that demand is being overstimulated to point to which it is impossible to further increase supply.  In such a situation, it can take years to increase production as new factories need to be built (a process that can take 3-5 years at a minimum), and other investments to add to production capacity will also need to be made, which can take even more time (e.g. increase port/shipping capacity).  As many industries are now at full-capacity, like the global semiconductor market, the over stimulation of demand by the unprecedent money printing by central banks and the excessive spending by governments, like the US “infrastructure bill”, only serve to further worsen inflation.  There is nothing transitory about what is driving the current inflation surge, given that central banks are still continuing in their massive monetary stimulus policies and governments continue to further increase their simulative spending policies.  The absolute lack of rational debate and the complete propaganda that serves as “news” means that for the majority of people, inflation will continue to rise much quicker than any rise in income, resulting in the continued impoverishment of the working class.

Monitoring the news is like wading through a sewer, looking for pearls of truth.  For example, the US government saying that Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine, implying that Russia is the aggressor.  However, the US has been acting as a provocateur.  The US navy has been conducting war drills in the Black Sea (which would be like Russia conducting war drills off the Texas coastline) and has been supplying Ukraine with arms, as that country engages in military attacks in the disputed Donbass region of Crimea.  The pearl of truth to be found in this disinformation farce can be linked to prophecy found in Revelation.

This site has argued that the Whore of Babylon, those Jews actively working to bring about the rise of the secular Jewish moshiach (aka messiah), have taken control of the US federal government through massive voter fraud in the last Presidential election.  We have similarly argued that the Beast, aka the Anti-Christ, is the power which lies behind the European Union.  Revelation tells us that the Whore and Beast are working towards a similar political agenda, yet they are in competition for power.  Based on this view point, we can see that the US attempts to provoke a conflict in Ukraine is an operation more aimed at Europe than at Russia.

Should US provocation succeed and Ukraine is able to provoke Russia into invading, the ensuing war would serve to hurt and weaken the European Union.  All gas exports from Russia would cease, which would throw the EU economy into complete turmoil.  Already, with the decreased flows of gas from Russia to Europe, due to US attempts to stop the use of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from being activated, the price of energy in Europe has skyrocketed, causing hardship across the EU.  Should all gas flows stop from Russia (including supplies via Belarus), price hikes would morph into absolute shortages, resulting in blackouts that would cripple the economy.  The EU would then need to buy expensive LNG from America, making Europe thoroughly dependent on America.  The Whore (aka America) seeks to dominate the Beast (aka EU), and Revelation tells us that the Beast will grow to hate the Whore, and in the end, we are told that the Beast will turn on the Whore and finish her off when she falls from power (I am being a bit lazy here, so please refer to previous posts for scriptural references).

The success of the Democrats in rigging the last US Presidential election serves as a sort of an end game .  It feels like all of the pieces have fallen into place for the opening of the Sixth Seal.  The four horsemen will continue to cause their havoc until the time has come for the Sixth Seal.  I read an article that said sales of RVs (recreational vehicles) in the States have risen to new historic highs, and that all production for next year is basically already pre-sold.  It made me wonder if possibly some of that demand is due to Believers looking for ways to prepare for the opening of the Sixth Seal.  This site has made the argument that the opening of the Sixth Seal will be manifested as a calamitous natural event in America — one that is so great, that it will serve as a catalyst for the destruction of the Whore (and unfortunately, will also cause great suffering in America).  For those unable or unwilling to go so far as to flee America in advance, the use of a RV could help in relocating someplace in America — someplace that can serve as a refuge.  One could store food and other essentials in a distant city, using those self-storage sites, and should a natural calamity happen, you could move and sleep in your RV, and then have supplies available in another location.  Given the current state of America, self-defense capability might also be needed.

The timing of the Sixth Seal is very uncertain, given that it will happen very suddenly and with little warning.  Even though it could still be years away, the other trends related to the prophecies of Revelation will continue to worsen.  Trust God, live in the now, and continue to prepare for what is to come.  Revelation tells us that God will reward the faithful with an invitation to the Marriage of the Lamb!

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