It has been reported that within the current immigration reform bill being considered by the US Senate, there is a clause that will require all US citizens and residents to submit their biometric details to the federal government for the explicit purpose of creating a national database.  This would include iris and fingerprint scans.(

Passage of this legislation is the next step towards a national identification system, a requirement for the implementation of the mark of the Anti-Christ.  A national identification system combined with the ongoing development of the electronic commerce infrastructure, will all but guarantee the implementation of the mark of the Beast  in America, when the Antichrist makes his final ascension to power.

We have warned repeatedly that the creation of a national identification system, especially a biometric one, is a key political agenda goal for the Beast.  The current immigration reform bill, should it pass both the Senate and the House, will achieve that goal.

This bill must not pass.  Should America fall under the dominion of the Beast, then hundreds of millions of people will be condemned to eternal separation from God when they are force to take his mark.

We must fight against the children of the Beast and their attempts to drag America into the domain of the coming Beast.

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