Though there are some atheists who claim science proves there is no God, it seems that science really does not have a clue about many basic aspects of the universe.

In order to bring order to a universe that makes no sense, theoretical scientists must make up nonsense in order to be logical.  It would appear that one must have faith and believe in science, just as in religion.

This site has argued that man did not invent science.  Science is merely man’s attempt to understand the workings of nature, which God created.   Coming to better understand God’s creation in no way proves that God does not exist — that is just fanciful thinking.  In a similar vein, this site argues that God will use His creation to fulfill some of the prophecies found in Revelation — there is no reason to preclude otherwise.

As Believers, we can trust that God will help us see truth.  We must stop letting the propaganda of the mass media blind us and fog our thinking.

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