Up until now, I had only seen wild speculation about aliens on TV while watching the History Channel.  Recently, I saw 3 hours of speculation about alien life on the Discovery Channel as well.  The program series started with the scientific argument about using fluctuations in a star’s light to indirectly observe the possible orbit of a planet around that star.  This was first argued in 1995 and since, about 450 observations of this phenomenon have been discovered.  However, from there the narrator quickly jumped to speculation about possible alien life.  Postulating the possible existence of bacterial-like life, it quickly moved to imaginative postulations about possible animal-like life that may exist.  The second show continued to speculate about possible different planetary environments and the different types of life that may exist in those different environmental scenarios.  The third show then jumped to the topic of what a possible alien attack on the earth may be like….huh?

In all three shows, the producers endeavored to have scientists and specialists from many different areas to speculate and support the ultimate theme of the series – that there is alien life and it is hostile.  It is amazing to see how the TV producers can move from the first possible discovery of other planets, to the postulation of the existence of billions of planets, to the assumption of alien bacterial and animal life then make the final intellectual leap to assert the existence of hostile intelligent life that is going to attack the Earth.

One key aspect of the use of propaganda is repetition.  Another is to mix a little bit of truth with the targeted big lie.  The media – TV drama, movies, TV ‘scientific’ shows, etc. – are all saying that there are aliens out there and they are hostile.  This theme is growing in its frequency of repetition.  I have repeatedly speculated on whether this would be used as the cover story for the Rapture — the disappearance of millions of Believers in the End Days.  I am now wondering if it will actually have a larger role to play in the final unfolding of the prophesies of Revelations.

Revelations talks of falling stars that will bring great catastrophes upon the world.  What if the actual fulfillment of those prophecies actually takes the form of a falling meteorite? What if the horrors foretold to befall the world in the final days is actually spun by the media to be alien attacks?  Perhaps the Beast will even gather the world’s armies and bring them to Armageddon on the pretext of fighting off an alien invasion.

Like the Discovery shows I just saw, I am speculating.  This speculation is more for the benefit of those who will still remain on this Earth after the Rapture.  Pray that God will call you to Him on that fateful day.  If you are left behind, then do not fear.  Turn to Christ and in the end, you will be saved.  Do not believe the lies that will be used to deceive the non-Believers when the prophesies of Revelations erupt on the world.  Rejoice that your physical suffering will be bearable knowing that your soul has found eternal life with Christ.

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