Last week, there was a poorly reasoned opinion piece that was available on the Bloomberg website, a business news service. It made a bad argument about how the Arizona illegal immigrant law could lead to the introduction of a national identification card. I will not go into the tortured logic as that is not the issue. The issue is that the opinion piece had again brought up the idea of a national I.D card.
In an earlier entry, I discussed how Newt Gingrich had suggested the idea of issuing a national I.D. card and having it managed by the credit card company Visa. This idea was also raised as one way to strengthen America’s immigration laws. Also at the time, Romney stated that he would be open to such a plan. This is clearly a policy that would open the way for the Beast to force his mark upon the people.
Revelations says the mark of the Beast will be forced upon all the people under his dominion. Should the federal government issue a national I.D. card, then all citizens must carry it with them at all times. It would then be a small step to go from a federally mandated I.D. card to implementing an finger print/eye scan identification system, where instead of showing your national I.D. card, you would just have your finger print or your retina scanned.  The federal government just say how much more convenient an electronic system would be and remove the need to always carry your ID card (see an early entry about the introduction of finger print/retina scan identification technology being implemented in India).
I do not know who gave Gingrich the idea of involving credit card companies in this issue, but this clearly links a national  I.D. card to economic transactions.  The linkage between a national I.D. card and the mark of the Beast cannot be plainer — Revelations clearly states that no one will be able to buy or sell anything without the mark of the Beast.
The proposal of a national identification card (and its eventual linkage to economic transactions) is clearly a policy that will be pursued by the children of the Beast.  Believers in America and Europe must fight against the policies of the Anti-Christ, and this one will be especially be important to oppose should it arise.

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