Its summer time, and with it comes the forest fire season.  There have been a couple of more articles, which reinforce our recent thoughts on burning forests and the prophecies of Revelation.

German forests have not been spared the effects of a warmer climate.  The heat, drought, and onslaught of beetles have wreck havoc on Germany’s forests.  I would guess that no nation in the Northern Hemisphere has been spared from this phenomena.

However, it would seem that Russia is currently suffering the most, as forest fires rage uncontrolled in the Siberian wilderness.

Revelation tells us that after the opening of the Seventh Seal, a third of the world’s trees will burn.  It seems that the massive fires in Siberia are only just of taste of what is to come.  One would think that given all the harbingers of what is to come with the opening of the Seventh Seal, the opening of the Sixth Seal must surely be close.  Whatever does eventually happen when the Sixth Seal is opened, it will unequivocally show the world that we are truly in the End of Days.

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