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A quick follow up thought in regard to inflation.  When monetary policy is expansionary and demand from both the private and public sectors are strong, then any supply side shock will have a pronounced effect on prices — especially for goods with fairly inelastic demand (like food, housing, and energy).  Though it would appear that the US financial markets are all geared up for a prolonged bout of disinflation (i.e. a trend of decreasing inflation rates), they make the naive assumption that the fall in inflation will continue in a linear rate….anyway, that is all a fancy way of saying that ‘it ain’t over till the fat lady sings’.

As is always the case, the situation in the Middle East remains a complicated mess, with multiple competing interests at play.  I was just wondering about the new twist and how it will play out — i.e. the ongoing Jewish civil war between the Zionists (lead by Netanyahu) and the globalists (led by the Whore and the Beast).

Please read up on recent posts if that just went right over your head.

If we are correct in our argument that the ‘globalists’ will seek to use the Israeli-Gaza conflict to overthrow Netanyahu, then the question is, how far would they go to attain their goal?  Would they go as far as actually helping Hamas to attack Israelis to make Netanyahu look bad?  That was just a random thought, so treat it for what it is — for now.

Should the Zionists be successful in driving out all of the Palestinians from Gaza and from the West Bank, then they would be in an extremely strong position to lock in Zionism into the very fabric of Israeli society for generations to come.  For this reason, I would argue that they will not be successful in this effort — but we will just have to see how it plays out.

Be like the wise virgins and make sure you have plenty of oil on hand.

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