I have this reoccurring dream where I am trying to get somewhere, most often in cities where I have lived before, but I encounter problems with the subway/train/bus that I am supposed to take to get there.  Sometimes biblical prophecy can be similar — we know where we are going, but the pathway can become confusing.

The deployment of the New York national guard to the New York city subways reminds me of a previous discussion we had.

New York to Deploy National Guard to NYC Subways to Fight Crime – Bloomberg

When the Black Lives Matter cells actively began to demand that the police be ‘defunded’, this site argued that the end game was for societal chaos to become so bad, that people would tolerate the creation of a national police force — that would be used by the Whore to establish a totalitarian control of society.  To be honest, that call was a bit off as I soon realized that the Constitution prohibited the establishment of national police force.  The Whore did make a half assed attempt to arm the IRS, which could have served as a quasi-national police force, but that seemed to have died out.

However, here we are, with the Govenor of New York suddenly concerned with the safety of the people, sending the New York national guard to safeguard the riders of the New York city subway system.  This governor, like many Democrat politicians, has only sought to advance their own agenda, despite any harm it may bring to the general populace.  Given that, we can only assume that the deployment of the national guard is only to further advance their own agenda — we can only speculate what their true aim is.  Given that this is a Presidential election year and given our previous arguments (e.g. that the last Presidential election was rigged), the first logical conclusion would be that the governor of New York is taking the first steps in the establishment of martial law.

The Whore used the covid outbreak to help rig the last Presidential election through the use of mail in ballots (among other tricks).  For this year, we can only assume that the Whore will use some pretext to establish martial law nationwide (or at least, in all the states with Democrat governors), which will be used to help them to again rig the Presidential election.  This is pure speculation at this point, and only time will tell how close to the mark we are.  This speculation is not directly tied to any specific prophecy of Revelation, but should our speculation prove to be on the mark, it would be supportive of previous arguments we have made.

This site has been arguing that the next major event on the timeline of Revelation is the opening of the Sixth Seal and the destruction of the Whore and Babylon (all related events).  The path that leads to the fulfillment of prophecy can become murky at times, but we do know where we are heading.

The world is filled with the signs of Revelation.

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