I have not been posting much as of late.  The ongoing propaganda of the mass media has risen to hysteria and not worthy of comment.  It would seem that the agents of the Beast think that the louder and shriller their voice, the more that they will be believed.

The ongoing news flow around global warming still is supportive of our argument that rapid increases in temperatures will bring about many prophecies of Revelation.  Also,those who are working towards ‘open borders’ (i.e. unrestricted ability to enter and country by anyone) highlights the activities of the agents of the Beast as they prepare for the 10 nation mega-state (the merger of nation-states implies the surrender sovereignty, and the existence of protected borders is an intrinsic part of any sovereign nation).  These trends are ongoing.

I actually wanted to just touch upon something that I have only appreciated quite recently.  During my youth, I went to church quite regularly.  Despite that, there was one theological point that I did not really appreciate.  Perhaps it is because I do not currently share fellowship with other Believers is why I have come to appreciate this point.

After Christ was crucified, and resurrected, God the Father granted the Holy Spirit to Believers, as described in the Book of Acts.  Previous to this, God would speak to prophets and other blessed individuals, but otherwise, people did not have direct access to God.  However, once God granted the Holy Spirit to His Believers, then everyone had the ability to gain that access — all they need do is accept Christ as their Savior.  As Believers, we can speak directly to God, and He will hear us.  This is something that is incredibly special.  Of course, God isn’t Santa Claus and doesn’t pass out presents to all the good little boys and girls.  Knowing that God is always with me is comforting.  It doesn’t mean random bad things do not happen — they do.  I do not believe that everything that happens is for the best or is God’s will.  Random bad shit does happen, however, as God is with us, He can help us through the rough times, and if we are fortunate, He will intercede into the situation.

As always, I should emphasize this is my own opinion.

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