The over-the-top rhetoric coming from the Whore — through the Biden hand-puppet — can be called many things (all negative).  I am belatedly reviewing his actual MAGA-Republicans-are-evil speech and it supports our argument relating to the Nazi Paradigm.

Joe Biden Trashes ‘MAGA Agenda’ as ‘Extremism that Threatens Very Foundations of Our Republic’ (

This type of rhetoric only makes sense if the Whore, aka illegitimate Biden administration, is looking to emulate Hitler’s final ploy to gain totalitarian power.  After Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany (the head of the national government), somebody burned down the Reichstag, the German Parliament Building.  Hitler immediately claimed it was the work of the political opposition party, the Communists.  Hitler was able to suspend all civil rights and engaged in the mass arrest of Communist party members.  This all occurred immediately prior to National elections.  The ploy worked as the opposition was so disrupted, the Nazi party was able to win a majority of seats in the election.

This site has previously speculated that the Whore provoked a war in Ukraine, with one motivation being to use a NATO-Russia war as a means to help them rig the upcoming US Congressional elections.  This is still a possibility as there are still two months where in the Whore can manage to cause the conflict to spread to other parts of Europe.  However, after this new line of propaganda, it would seem that the Whore is looking to be even more proactive and will engage in a false flag event in America, on the same scale as the burning of the Reichstag.  This no longer seems so outlandish.  The Whore would then blame the evil MAGA-Trump Republicans and proclaim a national terrorist emergency.  The Whore will then move to arrest Trump and politically harass all of the Trump endorsed Republican candidates.  I would assume they will again work in some Russian-collaborator angle for luck.  The Whore stole the Presidency through massive voter fraud at the last national election, and they will not risk losing their Congressional majority at the election this November.  Time will tell if our speculation proves correct.  Should it actually come to pass, then the secular duty of all Americans would be very clear.  For Believers, it is a bit more complicated, but even inaction is a choice.  Believers must do as their faith commands them.

The events of the next two months will give us significant clues as to where we are within the timeline of Revelation.

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