More than once, we have pointed to similarities between what is happening now and compared it to what happened during the rise of the Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party of Germany – aka the Nazis.  We argued that it appears that the Beast (now it appears to be the Whore) is using the Nazi paradigm in its rise to power (they are sticking with something that has proven to work).  The similarities are striking.

First, I would like to point out that the Nazi Party, i.e., the Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party was not a “right-wing” party, but rather they were a radical left, socialist party.  They rose to power on a platform of socialist policies aimed at the workers.  Modern day propagandist always omits this fact.  Given this, the woke left-wingers have more in common with the Nazis than conservatives.

The Nazi party was infamous for its pioneering use of propaganda.  Their chief propagandist, Goebbels, actually was the head of the country’s Ministry of Propaganda (what the illegitimate Biden administration tried to copy with their failed Disinformation Board).  Currently, the mass media and the social media spout propaganda 24/7, to advance the political and social agenda of the Beast/Whore.

The Nazi party also created a group, referred to as the Brown Shirts, given that they ran around in brown-khaki colors.  They disrupted and beat up people at the opposition’s public gatherings.  The Antifa serves that purpose today – and the Black Lives Matter organization was basically sold out to the Antifa as a partial rebranding of their activities.  Even today, the Antifa continue their attacks on Republican and conservative public gatherings.

Another prominent feature of Weimar Germany is the fact that Germany suffered through horrific hyperinflation during this period.  The German government printed money to pay off its reparation debts inflicted upon it after its loss in World War I.  Today, Europe and America are suffering through historically high inflation, and despite any lip service rendered to fighting inflation, there is a real possibility that inflation could spiral out of control, in Venezuelan/Argentine fashion.

Hitler came to power through the electoral process.  However, the Nazis did not respect democracy and only used it as a means to gain power.  After Hitler became the leader of the Nazi Party and of the national government in Weimar Germany, the Reichstag – the German Parliament Building – was burned.  This occurred right before National elections were to be held.  Hitler blamed the political opposition, the Communists, for the fire, claiming the Communists were plotting against the government.  Hitler was able to suspend civil liberties and oversaw the mass arrest of Communist party members.  This disrupted the political opposition to such a degree, that the Nazi Party won a majority of seats in the ensuing national election.

Given that it appears the Whore, the power behind the illegitimate Biden administration, is following the Nazi paradigm, then based on this assumption, it would not be surprising if the Democrats and the illegitimate Biden administration were to emulate this Nazi strategy.

In this scenario, we would expect that the Democrats to instigate some sort of false flag operation, on par with the burning of the Reichstag.  They would then blame the “Trump MAGA Republicans” and declare some sort of domestic terrorist emergency.  They would suspend civil rights and start arresting any Republican that they can link to Trump.  Given that a vast majority of Trump endorsed candidates won their Republican primaries, those candidates could face a barrage of harassment just prior to the November elections.  Other Republican operations could be targeted and disrupted, crippling their election efforts.

One would think that laying out this scenario is pretty much just mental masturbation, and it is probably just that.  Despite this, this site has previously brought up the idea that we are seeing a replay of what occurred during the Weimar Republic in Germany, so it is just being thorough to touch on this final stage of the Nazi paradigm.  However, after the recent Biden speech on the dangers that the MAGA Trump Republicans represent to democracy, it does not seem so farfetched that the Whore is looking to emulate Hitler’s final ploy to gain totalitarian control over the nation.

The next two months just seem so pregnant with possibilities of the improbable.







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