When I think of pestilence, I generally think of viruses — like AIDS, or even the common cold.  However, bacteria related disease has plagued man since the beginning of time.  The most notorious pestilence, the Black Plague,  is a bacterial disease.  In even recent years, the flesh eating bacteria of necrotising fascitius, has resulted in amputated limbs for those unfortunate enough to become infected.  When researching the web on bacterial disease, I was surprised at the number of them.

The opening of the fourth seal has unleashed Death and Hades, and they have been given power over a quarter of the earth.  We can already see the death and misery they are causing by war and conflict, but we have argued that they are just getting warmed up.  Soon famine and pestilence will follow.  The birth of bacteria immune to all known antibiotics, and their ability to pass this immunity to other types of bacteria, may be heralding the next phase of the opening of the fourth seal.


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