As you may already know, I am not the best of writers — I had a normal public school education, so I have always had to struggle in my writing.  With that said, I just redid some of my last entry on natural sources of global warming.

I have been focused a lot on global warming recently.  One reason is that it is easier to write about global warming then about the political and economic issues that relate to the coming Anti-Christ.  Another reason is that the final ascension to power by the Beast comes after many other prophecies — so I have been focusing on those prophecies that will come earlier.

With that said, there is much in the news that relate to the erosion of democracy and seemingly protected Constitutional rights, which are precursors to the coming of the Beast, who will prove to be a tyrant.

This site has used 2048 as the outer limit for the window by which we expect Christ to return.  However, that does not mean He will not come much sooner.  Though we do not know when the sixth seal will be opened, we can use the progress of global warming as a measurement for the opening of the seventh seal.  Though experts do not see sever adverse affects of global warming until the end of this century, the prophecies of Revelation indicate that there will be an explosive acceleration of global warming.  For this reason, we have sought to identify the factors that could bring about such a scenario.  During this process, we have found that the reduction of ocean mixing in Antarctica is resulting in warmer water flowing back towards the north Pacific Ocean, resulting in the creation of the ‘blob’ of warm water off the California coast.  This blob is growing, and should it eventually approach the eastern Siberian sea, it would finally trigger an explosive release of methane into the atmosphere, which could then trigger the massive spike in global warming which is required to be manifested with the opening of the seventh seal.

However this process eventually plays out, as Believers, we know that it will happen, and it will happen much faster than even the most pessimistic scientific forecasts predict.  It would actually be a demonstration of faith to make preparations for what is to come.  Jesus told us to not worry about what we are to eat or what we are to wear, for He will provide for us.  Perhaps, you should stock up so that you can be an agent of God, and help provide for your friends and family during the hard times to come.


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