US Presidential Election 2020

You know an election is drawing near when….

Donald Trump is accused of sexual assault.  The mass media is always trigger happy to broadcast any accusation against Trump — especial sexual assault (only second to Russia collusion).

The mass media quickly moved on, without any apologies for broadcasting fake news, when the accuser said rape was sexy, and then later saying she was not literally raped.

You know an election is near when….

fake news polls say conservatives are on the losing end of the stick.  The polls being broadcast by the mass media prior to the 2016 Presidential election were all against Trump.  In a very similar manner, all the polls in Australia prior to this years Parliamentary elections said Labor had a massive 10 point lead (at one point) — however, the ruling Coalition (which is conservative) not only won, but expanded the number of seats they held.  The mass media went on forever about the “miracle” win, but in all actuality, the poll numbers being bandied about were all biased — just more fake news.

Recently, CBS published more fake news polls, claiming that Biden would destroy Trump in an election — yeah, right.

You know an election is near when….

the mass media highlights the radical left-wing socialist Democratic candidates — only to make their  main candidate seem “moderate”.  Bernie Sanders was set up to run against Clinton, as it seemed inconceivable that such a radical socialist could beat a more “moderate” Clinton — and even then, the Democratic Party had to sabotage his candidacy to enable Clinton to get the nomination.  Now, the Democrats have served up a boat load of radical socialist candidates, all to make their real choice, Kamala Harris, look moderate.  One by one, the mass media will pick off any moderates, like Biden, leaving the choice to be either Kamala or a radical socialist.  Why change a winning strategy?

The coming 2020 US Presidential election will again be a sh@t storm of non-ending propaganda, fake news, and the establishment of a “narrative” to justify another attempt to steal the election, should Trump win.  The agents of the Beast only desire political power to further their agenda, and should democratic process and principle stand in their way, they have no compulsion in destroying it.

Climate Crisis

The UN is calling for more action on the “climate crisis”.

The UN will be looking to win real political power over nation-states in the name of the “climate crisis”.  As Revelation tells us that the affects of global warming will ravage the Earth (e.g. the opening of the Seventh Seal), it would appear that the Beast will use these coming catastrophes in his bid to win global political dominance.

Global Warming and Water

The world is compromised of many different complex systems, and as the world warms, it will impact these systems.  For example, the atmosphere will hold more moisture as average global temperatures rise.  This would most likely cause more flooding, especially as the jet stream weakens (a bit complicated relationship).  However, a far more serious situation is when the increased heat is combined with a lack of rain.

In one area of India, both high temperatures and a lack of rain is causing a major drought.  A city of 10 million people has basically run out of water.  To make matters worse, India has been using up its groundwater and one report says that by 2020, the groundwater of 21 cities will be all but gone, impacting 100 million people.

There are a number of natural global warming feedback loops that are causing the acceleration of man-made global warming.  It is only a matter of time before these feedback loops really kick in, causing sudden rises in global temperatures.  As Believers, we know that the prophecies of Revelation will manifest themselves, and as Believers, we have faith that God will help us to endure.  However, no use standing around playing the victim — be sure to get ahead of events and make preparations for what is to come.

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