The term Nazi refers to the Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party, which come to power during the Wiemar Republic, in Germany.  Hitler was the leader of this political party, and rose to power through the democratic process that existed at that time.  However, once he became leader of Germany, he destroyed its democratic institutions and ruled as a tyrant.  It would seem that the agents of the Beast are following the Nazi paradigm, as they work for the rise of the Anti-Christ.

The mass media sings in unison, preaching its fake news and propaganda, pushing the agenda of the Beast.  The Nazis were perhaps the first to effectively use mass propaganda to gain political power — their techniques are being employed by the mass media even now.  The Nazi brown shirts were thugs who disrupted the political gatherings of the opposition, and physically assaulted its members.  Today, the “antiFa” are used in exactly the same manner.  The mass media condones and encourages these activities.

During the Wiemar Republic, Germany experienced massive hyper-inflation, as the government printed money to pay off its debts which stemmed from its defeat in World War I.  The monetary policies now being used by America, the EU, and Japan could very well bring about a similar bout of hyper-inflation.  The societal chaos that accompanies hyper-inflation was very likely one reason that drove the desperate people of Germany to embrace Hitler’s tyranny.  Should such economic conditions repeat itself, desperation could again drive people to accept the tyranny of the Beast.

Since the financial crisis of 2008 (the GFC as some people refer to it), central banks have embarked on the most massive money printing experiment ever seen in modern history.  Monetary policy is now based on creating inflation, inflating asset prices, and enabling governments to embark on massive deficit spending budgets (i.e. enabling massive government borrowing and debt).  Asset prices (stock and bond prices, real estate) have reached extreme valuations.  Government debt levels, as well as individual and corporate debt levels, are all at historical highs.  To justify further monetary stimulus, central banks argue that “inflation is low” — and this is the big lie.  The official government measurements of “inflation” do not accurately measure the increases in the cost of living for the majority of the people.  The big lie inflation data says inflation is low but the vast majority of people have problems keeping up with the cost of living.  As the price of real estate rises, those who have to rent are forced to pay ever increasing rents, as rents rise with price of the real estate.  Homelessness increases as the working poor become the homeless poor.  Those who are able to finish college are burdened by massive debt as the costs of an education have risen to the degree where some have taken on a debt that will take decades to repay — something that does not show up in the official inflation data.  Life savings are instantly wiped out by an illness or accident due to the massively high cost of medical care — something that does not show up in the inflation data.  The cost of caring for your aging parents rises in tandem with medical care costs — something that does not show up in the official inflation data.

Recently, the Australian central bank cut its discount rate, despite low unemployment, and stock market prices being close to its historical highs.  The US Federal Reserve and the EU central bank have indicated that they could soon cut interest rates, despite low unemployment (at least in the US)  and booming stock markets.  The central banks have created monetary policies that inflate asset prices, the major of the benefit is gained by the top 10 percent of the population (with the top 1% gaining the lion’s share).  These same monetary policies continue to push up the cost of living, a phenomena ignored by the same central bankers, making it ever more difficult for the majority of the population to afford the necessities of life.  By following these monetary policies, the central bankers are creating the conditions which will drive the growth of socialist movements (e.g. AOC, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren) — remember, the Nazis were socialists who called for the redistribution of wealth.  The rising costs of living will eventually worsen until official inflation data worsens — and then it will be too late to stem a bout of stagflation that central banks  will be unable to rectify.  This would effectively recreate the economic conditions of the Wiemar Republic, that saw the rise of a tyrant.  This would represent another part of the Nazi paradigm that will facilitate the rise of the Beast.

As incredible as it may seem, history is repeating itself, as it leads up to the rise of the next tyrant — the Beast.

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