The situation in Ukraine continues to edge its way to a full blown war — it already borders on civil war, with the threat of a Russian invasion always near.  At the same time, the China-Japan dispute continues apace, with the Vietnamese making the toughest stance against the Chinese in the South China Sea.  Though we have yet to receive confirmation of the release of the Red Rider (the second horseman), we can see the harbingers of the Black Rider — the bringer of famine.  Beef prices have risen considerably due to the droughts of recent years (which caused ranchers to cut the size of their herds) and pork prices have been driven higher as a new virus kills off many of the piglets.  The main beneficiaries have been the hedge funds who were pushing up futures prices.  Soft commodities have similarly been pushed up for various factors, with the end result being overall food prices moving back up to the highest levels og recent history.  The unleashing of the third horseman will see high food prices morph into food scarcity, with food no longer being stocked at the local supermarket — but that eventuality is still down the road.

The children of the Beast continue to work on their political agendas, and they continue to make headway in achieving their goals.  There has been little talk on convening a constitutional convention, though such a gathering is now mandated by the Constitution after the vote by the Michigan state legislature.  As there has not been such a convention since the founding of the nation and the establishment of our current constitution, there are certain to be many legal and procedural uncertainties.  However, a constitutional convention may be the greatest hope in redirecting America, and keeping the nation safe from the Beast and his children at the time of his rising.

There is perhaps one other way to stop the progress of the children of the Beast — a ‘premature’ financial collapse in the West.  I have always argued that a massive global financial collapse will precede the implementation of the mark, however if the financial markets were to collapse before the children of the Beast were ready, then the economic and social chaos that would follow would disrupt their plans and give Believers a chance to regain the initiative — if nothing else, it would disrupt the finances of the children of the Beast, thus cutting the funding that drives their political and social agenda.  The financial markets have been once again entered a bubble phase due to the monetary policies of Bernanke and Yellen.  It will take an external shock to prick the US bubble.  Let us hope it implodes sooner rather than later.  In the meantime, continue to prepare for what is to come and find a way to serve God as we wait for His coming.


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