Implicit within some of the arguments presented on this site, is that man is fully complicit in the many of the events that will occur in the End of Days.  In the argument that global warming will serve as the hand of God, it is man’s pollution that triggered the natural global warming cycles that will bring about catastrophic natural events.  In our discussion about the unleashing of Death and Hades, it has been the US foreign policy of overturning Muslim governments deemed hostile to Israel (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and now Syria) that has been a driving force in the creation of the domain of Death and Hades.  Even with the coming of the Beast, as the Anti-Christ will gain control over the democratic West, it means that voters will elect leaders who will work to prepare the way for his rise — a Clinton Presidency would move the West so far down the road that leads to the Beast, that the Beast could very well be her successor (in 8 years time).

Man will reap what he sows — so do not blame God when shit hits the fan.  Be smart and step away so you don’t covered in it.

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