Fallen Angel

When the mass media publishes poll numbers rigged to favor Clinton, it can serve a number of purposes.  However, the main purpose relates to election fraud.  If the polls were honestly conducted, and it showed that Trump was ahead by 10%, a Clinton victory at the polls would draw intense scrutiny.  If the world is told that Clinton is ‘ahead in the polls’, then when the agents of the Beast execute their election fraud, the fake polls would support the fraudulent election result (i.e. a Clinton victory).

We have previously argued that the agents of the Beast will look to erode and eventually destroy democratic protections and processes.  Winning elections through the utilization of massive election fraud attacks the very heart of democracy.  The fact that Clinton has not been prosecuted for espionage and political corruption is another attack on democracy — the organs of government have been corrupted and do not enforce the law on the ‘rulers’.  This is a fundamental aspect of the rule of tyrants.  The coming Beast will rule as a tyrant — and what we are seeing now is just the beginning, especially if Clinton wins the election.

The agents of the Beast will stop at nothing to win the office of the Presidency of the United States.  It is imperative that Believers work hard to defeat Clinton by working for a landslide victory for Trump — only by this can election fraud be overcome.

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