The conflicts in the Middle East have long been a very complex mixture of elements.  However, this complex brew is now full of steroids, given that the Whore (of Babylon) and the Beast (aka the Anti-Christ) are seeking an end to Netanyahu’s administration, as they seek to put an end to the rule of Zionism in Israel.  This site has been arguing that both the Whore and the Beast are looking to merge Israel into the future European superstate, and Zionism is a massive bulwark against this goal.

The conflict between the leftist European Jews (Ashkenazi) who are attacking Zionism, and the conservative Mizrahi Jews (those from the Middle East and other parts of “Asia”) who are defenders of Zionism, is at the core of the fight surrounding the Netanyahu administration.  The Netanyahu administration is comprised of a coalition of conservation political parties which are representative of the Mizrahi Jews versus the leftist-European-oriented opposition parties, who are funded by overseas European and America Jews (i.e., the Beast and the Whore of Babylon respectively).  This civil war within the Jewish community, will only make the current outbreak of hostilities in Gaza even more complicated.  For example, how was Israeli intelligence caught so unaware?  Why were the Hamas attackers armed with US weapons?  Who was actually behind the bombing of the Gaza hospital?  The Israeli government is not only under attack by the Palestinians and other Muslims, but it is also under siege by overseas Jews who are basically in control of the US federal government and the EU.  Given this, it is extremely difficult to know what is actually going on.

Needless to say, it is very difficult to see how the current Israeli-Hamas conflict will evolve.  However, given our view of the prophecies of Revelation, it will not be surprising if the Biden Administration tries to use the conflict to remove Netanyahu from power.

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