I have often touched upon how global warming and climatic change may tie into some of the prophecies found in Revelation.  One link may be found in how global warming is affecting the world’s oceans.  Not only is global warming causing a marked increase in shallow waters of the ocean, but the temperature of the deeper waters is also warming.  So far, this phenomena has been linked to new migratory patterns of fish, as they move to cooler waters — this has negative implications for those people living near the equator who depend on fish as a food source.  How this warming phenomena will affect ocean currents is yet unknown — should it affect the currents, then it will affect the weather.

Global warming is also affecting the oceans in a more direct and serious manner.  The ocean is absorbing carbon from the atmosphere, and this is causing its ph level to decrease (the carbon interacts with the water to form carbonic acid).  The rising acidic levels of the ocean has already been linked to the death of oyster larvae, as well as negatively impacting other sea life that has shells — e.g. mussels and corals.  Recently, it was reported that there is a massive starfish die off along the West Coast of the US.  It is possible that the growing acidity of the ocean is weakening the starfish and making them vulnerable to viruses.  It is also reported that there are very few young sardines replenishing the population off of the West Coast.  No cause has yet to be determined, but one can see how further increases in the ocean’s acidity levels can negatively affect baby fish and other small live forms in the oceans waters.  Plankton lie at the base of the food chain — should their numbers be negatively affected by ocean acidity, then real trouble will happen.  One prophecy in Revelation says that 1/3 of the fish in the sea will die — perhaps we are seeing the start of that process.

Aside from the risks ocean acidification poses to the ocean’s sea life, man has been aggressively overfishing many species, and we are seeing scarcity that will eventually morph into extinction.  However, the real threat to our food source lies in climatic change.  We have often touched on this subject, and a recent New York Times article again has put this topic in the spotlight (http://www.nytimes.com/2013/11/02/science/earth/science-panel-warns-of-risks-to-food-supply-from-climate-change.html?_r=0).  The flash drought that swept across most the US has mostly retreated, as can be seen on the ‘Drought Monitor’, however it could very well return as quickly as when it first hit.

Something that affects us more immediately has been the ongoing economic and political developments in the US and Europe.  The German High Court was suppose to make its ruling on whether the ECB’s Outright Monetary Transactions program (a program where the ECB promises to buy unlimited amounts of government debt of EU countries in certain circumstances) violated the German Constitution.  http://www.spiegel.de/international/europe/german-high-court-skeptical-of-ecb-bond-buying-a-905246.html  It was initially expected to make its ruling by October, but November is almost gone and still nothing.  Is it possible that the Court actually wants to rule it unconstitutional — and thus is delaying from political pressure?  Many pundits now argue that the Court will not rule against the ECB program — all out of the belief that the Court will do the politically expedient thing.  The Court cannot put off its ruling forever — we shall ‘soon’ see?

Something that will finally happen (unless it is again delayed…) is that on November 27th, the Italian Senate will finally vote on whether to expel Berlusconi from the Senate, due to his upheld conviction on tax evasion.  It would appear that he is no longer in a position to bring down the government and force new elections, but this is one drama that has been hard to predict.  New elections would bring up the possibility of a Grillo and 5 Star Movement victory — something that sends shudders down the spines of the political establishment that are striving for a politically unified EU.

In the US, the federal debt ceiling was raised, stocks are at all time highs, real estate is again booming — and the worker participation rate remains near historical lows (the official unemployment rate is of little use given the artificiality of its construct).  Yellen is poised to become the next head of the Federal Reserve, which means that the last bubble will be surely be reflated to an even greater magnitude.  The massive expansion of the federal government’s debt (along with those at the state and municipality level) combined with a similarly massive expansion of the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet, means that the US government has become the largest hedge fund in history — its massive leverage has given us historically high stocks and booming real estate prices.  Those in the top 10% benefit, as they are holders of equity and real estate (with the top 1% taking the lion’s share), and the rest are left to cope with rising cost of living, stagnate wages, and under employment.

The end result is an ongoing erosion of democracy and massive funding of a political agenda looking to terraform American society into a conducive environment  where the Beast and his children can continue to accumulate wealth and political power.  However, there are some bright spots on the political landscape.  ‘Immigration reform’ is stalled this year, though the children of the Beast will surely try again next year (this ‘reform’ will lay the groundwork for the creation of a nationwide data base that will be needed to implement the mark of the Beast, as well as accelerate the erosion of democratic processes).  Also, the military is complaining about its reduced funding — a greatly reduced military would similarly reduce the probability that the US military will be able to again invade the Middle East at Armageddon.

Right now, the US is the only country with the military capability required for an invasion of the Middle East — relevant in light of the prophecies relating to Armageddon.  A drastic reduction in the military budget is required to keep America out of Armageddon, and implicitly, to keep America out of the dominion of the Beast.  The only country that is clearly indicated to move its forces to Armageddon is China — there is a prophecy that says a host of 200 million will be involved in Armageddon and China is the only nation with an army of that size.  China is reported to be building a railway to Afghanistan, supposedly to bring back natural resources from mines that has promised to build.  New reports are in that China is moving even closer to the Armageddon by announcing that it will fund 20 billion dollars for projects in Iran — you can be sure that among them will be investment in railways.  The only way China can move its army to the Middle East is by rail, that that infrastructure is now being readied.

Not only can we see the signs of Revelation on Earth, but the heavens themselves may serve to demonstrate God’s prophecies.  As previously mentioned, I always (and still) assume that when Revelation talks about falling stars causing havoc on this world, it is a symbolic reference.  However, at times I briefly wonder if it is a literal prediction when I see headlines about asteroids.  One private group is talking about bringing asteroids into orbit around the moon for mining (talking about an accident waiting to happen), and another recent headline talks about a potential collision.   http://news.cnet.com/8301-17852_3-57608150-71/massive-asteroid-to-hit-earth-in-2032-well-maybe/  The UN even set up a committee, whose goal is to blow up incoming asteroids.

In closing, I can’t resist talking about a report by some graduate student.  The New York Times treats the paper as scientific fact,  that there are 40 billion Earth sized inhabitable planets — it was only recently that scientists have been able to ‘find’ any planet at all in the entire universe (detected by noticing slight wobbles in light as the planet crosses the path of the light, thereby interrupting it momentarily — or so goes the theory).  If (and when) God calls up the remaining living Believers in the End Days, the only explanation that the media and government (of the Beast) can give is the aliens from one of these 40 billion planets came and did a mass abduction — extremely wild but one can see that the media is preparing the world for this.

For those who may be reading this the first time, the things here may seem a bit unlikely, but please spend some time to read more — you will find more detailed arguments (this is written as a continuation/update piece, not an introductory piece).  No matter what you think, no matter how far out it may seem, the things touched upon are issues that will be with us for the next 20 years — and things will increasingly intensify, and events will become more rapid and pressing.  Then hopefully the seeds planted today will have grown in your mind, and will at some point lead you see that a greater pattern is in the making — one that leads to the prophecies of Revelation and the return of Christ.

For those who believe, take heart and be thankful that we are a ‘lucky’ generation — we get to witness the prophecies of God (second only to being alive and hearing Jesus himself 2000 years ago).  Things will get hairy, but hey, just make sure you don’t get the mark and everything will end up good.

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