A new year has started and with it comes expectations that we will have a very ‘interesting’ year.  Legal ‘recreational’ marijuana sales have begun in Colorado and the Boy Scouts are now opened to gays (and I would guess transsexuals of any gender as well).  The so called ‘cultural war’ is being lost, but the most negative effects on society will be a strengthening of the trend of the loss of faith among young people.  The dramatic fall off of church attendance by young people is happening at the same time when different polls show a steady erosion of those who profess faith in Jesus.  I would argue that excessive drug use among young people would push them even further from the Faith.  At the risk of sounding extremely politically incorrect, I would also argue that those who have become ‘gay’ must overcome extreme psychological issues to find their way back to Christ, as the Bible is quite clear that homosexual acts are an abomination in the eyes of God.  With the Boy Scouts now accepting boys that are openly gay, that organization will become a magnet for gays looking for their own ‘converts’ — it could actually morph into an organization that spreads gay sex to young boys across the nation.  A number of people may stop visiting this site because of that last statement, but there is little real discussion on the spread of homosexuality in the West, and how that transmission mechanism works.  The big lie is that all these people are born that way or have some pre-inclination.  Regardless of whether you agree or disagree, the end result is that the growing number of homosexuals represent one of the forces that will eventually make Believers a shrinking minority in America and the West.  This will become a factor in the End of Days, as Believers will face an increasingly hostile environment that will eventually lead to open persecution.  The children of the Beast are busy preparing for his ascension to power.

The Federal Reserve has succeeded in driving the stock market to new highs and reflating the housing bubble in America.  As we have argued for years now, the Fed has created a cycle of bubble creation and financial destruction, which each successive bubble growing ever more massive in scale.  The current Fed bubble has gone global, with global debt and real estate prices at historical highs.  The IMF has come out with new economic research, where they argue for radical policy measures to address the debt issues that are being ignored by the governments. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/1930s-style-debt-defaults-likely-123444010.html

The IMF’s report may represent the first time an international organization has sought to address the massive debt imbalances that are being created by the central banks.  However, one of their solutions is a massive one-off ‘wealth tax’, where they recommend governments take a percentage of everyone’s wealth to pay off government debt.  As we have argued before, the rupturing of a massive financial bubble could result in such financial and economic chaos, that social chaos erupts.  From this social chaos, the Beast will rise up and take his final seat of power, and in the process, overthrow the democratic processes that allowed for his rise.  The only question is which countries will he gain dominion over, or rather, which countries will be able to escape from his grasp?

A recent article in Der Spiegel was bemoaning the rise of ‘right wing populist’ parties in Europe.  The growing success of Le Pen in France, of the UKIP in Great Britain, and other similar parties in Europe is causing concern among the supporters of the ‘Euro project’.  I am slightly amused that the major media outlets use the term ‘right wing populist’ as if it were a derogatory term.  What would be good, ‘left wing elitism’?  No matter what the imperfections of these political groups may be, the ‘right wing populist’ parties are working to withdraw their nations from the Eurozone and working to protect the democratic processes that are being undermined by the children of the Beast.  Revelation tells us that the Beast will rise and take power over democratic governments in Europe (and perhaps America) — it is up to the Believers to work to keep their nations free from his dominion.  Believers must continue to fight against the children of the Beast — those who are pursing a political agenda that will support his rise to power and usurpation of democracy.

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