Fallen Angel

We have argued that when the Beast ascends to his final place of political power, as the leader of a mega-state formed from the political union of 10 previously sovereign nations, he will destroy any remaining vestiges of democracy and he will rule as a tyrant.  The latest developments in America would indicate that the agents of the Beast are using the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party as their paradigm.  The Nazi party were expert manipulators and effectively used propaganda to sway the German people.  The mass media of today similarly has become a tool of propaganda for the agents of the Beast, and spew forth their support for the cultural and political agenda of the Beast.  The rise of the ‘anti-fa’ represents the resurrection of the Sturmateilung, the Nazi Brownshirts, who would beat up the political opposition and disrupt their political gatherings (this is straight out of the history books).

Hitler and the Nazi Party were always the enemy of democracy, just as the Beast and his agents are.  Hitler understood that democracy could not be destroyed from the outside — it was too powerful.  Hitler formulated the ‘Reichstag principle’ to destroy the democracy of the Weimar Republic, as he proclaimed that it would be necessary to ‘hold our noses and enter the Reichstag’, in order to destroy it.  Hitler and the Nazi Party worked within the democratic political system until they were able to gain enough political power — so that they could then destroy it.

The foundations of democracy in America is much stronger than that of the Weimar Republic.  As such, the agents of the Beast understand that they must systematically erode the different pillars of support for democracy first, before they can hope to topple it.  They look to erode the moral strength of the people by attacking Christianity, by the promotion of narcotics (marijuana, pharmaceutical opioids/heroin) and homosexual child abuse (the normalization and promotion of gay-ism).  They look to undercut the middle class by the wholesale exportation of industrial jobs and the wholesale importation of illegal immigrant workers and visa 2-HB workers.  They look to systematically erode and eliminate the protections of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights which has protected the people from the government for 200 years.  Lastly, they attack the very heart of democracy by systematic and large scale voter fraud.  Unfortunately, the establishment politicians of both the ‘left’ and the ‘right’ have been corrupted and co-opted by the money of the agents of the Beast.

By studying the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party, we better understand the method behind the chaos and turmoil that is engulfing both Europe and America.  The goal of the Beast and his agents is the destruction of democracy and of the sovereignty of nation-states (their fates are linked).  Through this paradigm, we can see who the true fascists are.

The signs of Revelation surround us, as the Beast and his agents work 24/7 towards the achievement of their agendas.  Believers must fight back and slow them down to protect our children from their evil.

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