Sometimes the news can be painful to monitor, as it is filled with propaganda of those preparing the way for the Beast.  However, sometimes it can be interesting.

There seems to be a whole lot of shaking going on, as there have been numerous seismic events in different parts of the world.  You would think scientists would create some sort of measurement, like a volcanism index, to track whether there is an increasing trend in the number/intensity of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  This site has speculated whether there is a causation relationship (verses just a correlation) between the melting of the ice caps and an increase in global volcanism.  We have speculated (and it is pure speculation as there have been no supportive scientific research published) that as the polar ice melts, the increased weight of the melting water exerts increased pressure on the ocean floor — which in turn causes the underlying magma to shift.  The shifts in magma (or perhaps the pressure stresses the tectonic plates) results in volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.  Though this is pure speculation, it would explain the positive correlation between periods of sudden polar ice melt and high periods of global volcanism.  Either way, whatever the trigger mechanism, as the polar ice in Antarctica and Greenland continue to melt in an accelerating fashion, we can expect global volcanism to continue to become more active until it triggers a catastrophic supervolcano eruption (which we have argued will be the manifestation of the opening of the Sixth Seal).

Just like religion, we have argued that you need just as much faith to believe in science as you do to believe in God.  There seems to be quite a few things that just do not make sense when observing the universe.  In order to bring order to the universe, scientists must believe in dark matter or other convoluted theories — belief is important as dark matter cannot be seen, heard, or felt.  In a similar fashion, it seems that scientists must also believe in the multi-verse.

You will have to read for yourself, but it seems that the existence of gravity is such a mystery, that some scientists believe that it only exists in our universe because it is leaking from some other dimension….

While surfing the web, I stumbled upon a nice YouTube video.  It discusses a period in the Earth’s history, about 56 million years ago, when the Earth warmed quickly, about 5-8 degrees centigrade.

Though the video uses the “consensus” period of 200,000 years for this warming to happen, some scientific research argues that this warming actually happened over a 10 year period.  We have argued that in a similar fashion, global warming will accelerate quickly in order to help bring about certain prophecies found in Revelation.  The video is easy to watch, and just as easy to understand.  Hopefully it can help bring further insight into our arguments.

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