The first horseman of the apocalypse has been roaming the world for decades, and the children of the Beast have been going from victory to victory as they prepare the way for the coming Beast (aka Anti-Christ). We can see that they have been very active in America as they work towards having America to become part of the mega-state that the Beast will come to power over. The only thing that I can see stopping the children of the Beast in America is one drastic strategy — a scorched earth strategy used by the Russians when they were invaded by Napoleon. The Russians literally burnt their countryside as they retreated, so as to deprive Napoleon’s army of food (they burnt their wheat fields and foodstuffs that they were not able to take) and shelter (they burnt their villages and homes). In modern day version of this strategy is the implosion of Wall Street and the popping of the asset bubble created by the US Federal Reserve — this would deprive the children of the Beast of the wealth needed to fund their activities. Given that the Federal Reserve Board members all seem in agreement on monetary policies that keep Wall Street fat with profits (which helps fund the ‘activists’ of the Beast), the scorched earth strategy must start somewhere else — surprisingly enough, it can come from our elected officials.

The financial bubble economy is supported by two pillars — the historically unprecedented printing of money by the Federal Reserve and the similarly historically unprecedented deficit spending by the Federal government. If enough politicians stand up and refuse to authorize an extension of the debt ceiling, the federal government will come to a standstill. There are many ways things can play out after this point, however there is no downside for Believers.

A successful shutting down of the Federal government will result in a scorched earth effect on the United States — of course this will entail some pain. However, as a heroin addict sufferers tremendous physical withdrawal symptoms when the drug is withheld, so will American society spasm when the massive money printing and massive deficit spending stops.

The top 1% who are benefiting from the current government policies will suffer tremendous financial loss, as the stock market and real estate prices crash — just as they benefited the most, so will they suffer the most. This will result in a drastic reduction of funding to those working on the political agenda of the Beast. The major media centers, all of which are owned by a handful of large global corporate interests, will howl and they will devote their resources to organizing demonstrations to bring back the policies that kept them fed.

A refusal by the House of Representatives to extend the federal debt ceiling would stop the inflow of funds into the assets markets that is necessary to maintain its Ponzi-like bubble prices, and in its popping, all hell will break lose in not only Wall Street, but in the global financial markets. Whereas this may trigger the creation of the mega-state in Europe (from which the Beast will rise), it should also cause enough chaos in America from which Believers could work to change course, and keep America safe from the coming Beast.

Drastic? Yes. However, barring this path, I cannot see a way where America can be kept safe from the horde of the children of the Beast who are taking the nation ever closer to the embrace of the Beast. Will the House of Representatives take this course of action? They have failed to show the courage so far, as most do not understand what is at stake.

America is being mutated into an ugly instrument of the Beast, and only drastic action can stop this process.


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