Correction of a correction….sort of

Earlier, I felt a need to make a correction on a statement relating to factors behind California’s drought.  Perhaps the correction was not necessary.

Global warming, climate change, and ocean dynamics are relatively new fields of science, and given this, there is much the scientific community does not fully understand.  One such issue is the birth and growth of the ‘blob’ of warm ocean water off the west coast of America.  It may very well be playing a role in ‘ridiculously resilient’ high ridge of air pressure off the California coast that is keeping moisture from reaching that state — at least according to some scientists.  That said, the very fact that a different scientist did predict the formation of that weather pattern years earlier based on warming trends in the Arctic, makes Arctic warming the best candidate for the main driver behind the ongoing high pressure ridge off the California coast.  The ‘blob’ of warm Pacific Ocean is causing its own brand of havoc.

More on the ‘Blob’
The Pacific Ocean in the Northern Hemisphere is warming to unprecedented (at least since the Permian era) levels — and supposedly, the experts are baffled.

Much has been said in the press about the growing El Nino.  The intensity of this year’s El Nino is predicted to be one of historic magnitude, based on the historically warm ocean temperatures.  However, apart from the El Nino related ocean warming, there is also a massive ‘blob’ of warm water off the west coast of America — and it is growing.

As an observer, as I am not a scientist, it would seem logical to deduce that the extreme warming of the North Pacific Ocean can be linked to the melting of the Antarctica land based ice.  Ocean temperatures have warmed around Antarctica to the extent that it is now melting that continent’s land based ice.  This in turn has formed a layer of low salinity water that acts as a barrier to ocean mixing — i.e. the warmer lower layer ocean water is no longer able to mix with the colder upper layer ocean water.  This in turn has resulted in severely reduced flow of cold ocean water back north towards the northern hemisphere — and hence, one might logically conclude that this dynamic is playing a significant role in the heating of the North Pacific Ocean.  If this is true — no scientist has yet to publicly make this speculation — then the Pacific Ocean will continue to heat up until a Permian period event will take place.  Such a scenario is predicted by Revelation.

The Permian period occurred over 250 million years ago, and was part of the Paleozoic era.  It was at the end of the Permian period that earth experienced the greatest mass extinction event ever.  Whatever the cause, those most point to massive volcanic eruptions in Siberia, the oceans of the world first warmed, as the oceans absorbed heat from the warming world and also absorbed massive amounts of carbon from the spewing volcanoes.  Eventually the ocean absorbed so much carbon that the heated oceans became so acidic that it killed over 90% of life found within (what is not known is whether it was acid that directly killed off ocean life or whether it was harmful algae blooms that killed off ocean life).

Man’s pollution has spewed enough carbon into the atmosphere that it has triggered anthropogenic (I have previously mistakenly used the term anthropologic) global warming — which has resulted in the oceans warming and also growing more acidic.  This has since triggered ‘natural’ self-feeding cycles of global warming, mostly relating to the release of methane in the Arctic, which in turn will accelerate global warming — and thus accelerate ocean warming and ocean acidification.  Revelation says that one third of the oceans will turn to blood (which we have argued will be massive red tide harmful algae blooms), which in turn will kill one third of all life in the ocean — not quite a Permian scale die off, but close enough.

Science is a friend of faith in the End of Days, as it makes the prophecies of Revelation the end game of global warming.

The Coming of the Temple on the Mount
There has been a new wave of violence at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem — or from a Muslim perspective, at the Al-Aqsa mosque —

What the major media ignores is what triggered the start of the Palestinian protest, which quickly escalated to violence.  There has been a Jewish movement to increased Jewish ‘visitations’ to the Al-Aqsa mosque area of the Mount, with the intent of overwhelming it with Jewish ‘visitors’.  The first step in hopes of ‘reacquiring’ the area for the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple.  Naturally this would lead to a violent Palestinian reaction.

However, Revelation tells us that in the not so distant future, the Palestinians will lose this fight, and the Temple will be rebuilt — and in its rebuilding, the false Jewish moschiach will call on all those under his dominion to worship him and take his mark.

Perhaps still 10 years away, but time does go by quickly in such cases.

‘I was born this way’
The big lie of gay-ism is that it is due to a genetic predilection.  Such a lie gives way to gay people saying, ‘I was born this way’ —

With the US Supreme Court normalizing homosexuality in America, the conversion of the young to gay-ism will accelerate, and gays will become an ever increasing percentage of the general population.  Such will be the world that will experience the trauma of the End of Days.  It is a tragedy on many levels.

An Act of Desperation
If you find yourself still in this world when cash has been banned and you must get a ‘federal identification’ marker on your physical body, then even upon the danger of death — you MUST NOT submit, for the down side is eternally bad.  Given drones, mass surveillance, and everything else the current police state in America can use to hunt you down, there may be only one viable option left — fleeing to Russia.

What?  Huh?  What the (@) are you talking about?!

The assumption is that Russia will not be overwhelmed by the West, and remain a sovereign and independent nation-state.  Based on this assumption, Russia will retain its own currency.  Joining a monetary union with the Beast dominated European mega-state would represent a surrendering of sovereignty. and this is something that Russia will not do.

Given the way things are done in Russia, it may be very risky to deposit emergency funds there (assuming you have the means), but as we move further into the End of Days, and as the children of the Beast continue to make progress on their agenda for the new Jewish millennium (which will bring the Beast to power), then perhaps a vacation to St. Petersburg might not be such a bad idea.  Food for though anyway.


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