It would appear that a reporter for the Guardian received copies of report that is to be delivered to the President soon ( )

The US security agencies have previously warned about the implications of global warming, and in this latest report, those warnings have become more dire.  The implications would suggest that the most negative impacts of global warming may arrive much sooner than previous forecasts.  The warming of the Earth is not following a linear growth path, but rather, as the Earth continues to warm, different factors will cause an acceleration of the process.  For example, the warming of the Arctic region is causing the permafrost to melt — and this will cause massive amounts of carbon to be released into the atmosphere.  One scientist has recently predicted that the Arctic ice may completely melt in summer by the year 2015 — not by the end of the century as many others have predicted.  The implication of this is that the negative effects on global climate could well be felt in just a couple of years time, rather than in 20 years time.

In a separate but related article, (,  It is reported that concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has hit a new historical milestone, 400 parts per million, reaching levels not seen in 3 million years.  This level of concentration has been equated with a rise of 2.8 centigrade in average global temperatures.  A rise of this magnitude has been associated with catastrophic climatic effects.

I would again urge Believers to prepare long term food storage — barrels of hard red wheat, freeze dried foods, etc.  God has warned us what to expect in the End of Days.  Let us not waste those warnings found in Revelations.  The signs of the coming of the prophecies of Revelations can been seen in the world today.  Look into your hearts and make good use of your time.

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