Let me repeat something I have said before — I am not a biblical scholar.  Now with that said, I want to talk about the Rapture.  I have read the few scriptures that are used to argue that God will call up His Believers to Him in the End of Days.  I was taught early in my youth about the Rapture, and I believed that God would call up His Believers to Him before the start of the Tribulations, as described in Revelation.  Looking at the scriptures that are actually used to make this argument, I find little comfort that we will be spared from suffering with rest of the world in the last days.  I will leave it up to people to investigate this topic for themselves and make up their own minds.
However, it is because there is little biblical support to support the notion of Believers being called up to God prior to the Tribulations and the rise of the Beast, that I urge people to live in the now — and prepare for the future.  God has given us the prophecies in Revelations as signs of the End Days and of His return.  Seeing these signs surrounding us, we should rejoice and make good use of the time God has given us.  While heeding God’s call to be His faithful stewards while on this earth, we should also look to do what we can to make preparations for coming events.
God saved Moses from the flood, as He saved Lot from the fiery destruction of Sodom.  Perhaps He may save His Believers from the final Tribulations as well — but we should not assume that will happen as the bible does not contain such a promise.  For the sake of our friends and family, prepare for what lies ahead.

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