My apologies for such a long absence.  I had written some entries but in the end did not post.

The main themes discussed here are ongoing developments, and as such, have their own ebb and flow.

We have highlighted the dangerous found in the ‘Immigration Reform’ bill that was passed by the Senate, and is now being deliberated in the House.  Recently, the Catholic Church has decided to actively work for its passage in its current form — the only thing I can say is, by their fruit you shall know them.  That bill would authorization the creation of a national ID database that would be used to check every person that is employed.  It would most assuredly be used in the implementation of the mark of the Beast, should America fall under the dominion of the Beast.  The ongoing uncontrolled influx of immigrants would assure the continued degradation of the Middle class, causing the ranks of the Underclass to continue to swell — which would further weaken the foundations of democracy in America.

The droughts in many parts of America are being relieved by rains, as can be seen on the Drought Monitor found on the internet.  Grain production is on the rise again.  The bee population looks to remain under pressure as the Department of Agriculture has refused to restrict the use of insecticides that look to be the cause of the plunging bee population.  There will be enough wheat and corn to keep people fed, but it may be only the well off who will be able to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Federal Reserve, the ECB, and the Bank of Japan continue to flood their countries with printed money, and it seems to have worked.  The financial markets are at new highs, and once again, real estate prices in the US are moving upwards.  These monetary stimulants have boosted the world’s economies, but the question remains whether the fundamental health of those economies are improving.  Either way, the Beast and his children are using this period of economic calm to quickly push ahead with their political agenda.

September may prove to be an interesting month.  The High Court in Germany will announce their decision on whether the ECB buying of government bonds violates the German Constitution.  Bernanke and the Fed are expected to start cutting back on their US bond purchases.  The Italian Senate will vote on whether to bar Berlusconi from holding political office and Germany will hold national elections as well.  We can also expect the budget battle to heat up again in the US as Congress returns from their summer break.

The overall picture remains the same — within the ebb and flow of world events, we can see the world moving steadily towards the realization of the prophecies found in Revelations.

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