This website is meant to provoke your thinking, and challenge you to see beyond the mass delusion being spun by the media outlets.  The arguments being laid out on this site are those which are not found on the hundred other websites about Revelation.  That is intentional, as there is no point in rehashing what is already being said.

We are in the End of Days.  The unimaginable will be happening with greater frequency and intensity.  However, the prophecies of Revelation gives us a road map, which will help us to navigate our way through these times.

I believe that we must start making preparations, part of which, is to begin building groups for survival.  The core must start with family, relatives, and close friends and neighbors.  Everyone needs to be in agreement on the need, as everyone must contribute to the effort.  There is no need to be overly dramatic.  Contingency plans can be created — where to gather in an emergency, secondary meeting points for those who get separated, where to go to escape the city/immediate area.

Skills can be shared.  If someone is good at first aid, they can teach basics to everyone.  If someone has weapons skill, they could show the group how to defend themselves in an emergency.  Basic car repair is always something that can be handy.

Once the core group is formed and preparations are made, perhaps members from your church or other organizations can be included.  The goal of a broader group could be to protect the local church and its members, or to start a neighborhood watch/patrol.

As we move further into the End of Days, we must be prepared for what is to come.  This will help us to endure the tribulations until the rapture comes — or God forbid, help us to endure until Christ returns if it doesn’t come.

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