Brazil has been suffering ongoing bouts of drought for a number of years now.  Researchers have argued that the deforestation of Brazil will destroy the dynamics which creates the annual rainfall needed to sustain the  Amazonian rainforest.

Brazil and South American countries have continued their slash and burn of the Amazon rainforest, and drought conditions have expanded beyond the borders of Brazil.

As the Amazon rainforest continues to be whittled down for the expansion of agriculture, science says that drought conditions will only worsen with time — plus global warming will only further exacerbate the problem.

Brazilian and Argentinian exports of soy beans and wheat have played a significant role in supplying the global demand for food.  The combination of global warming and the destruction of the Amazon rainforest threatens this supply, but for now, agricultural production remains near record levels.  Despite official statistics showing global grain production near record high levels, grain prices in the Chicago futures markets have risen significantly over recent months.  Chinese buying of corn, wheat, and soy beans have been sited as the main driver of this rally.  China has been racked by both flooding and drought , as well as by insect invasions and African swine flu , all of which has driven China to up its import of foodstuffs.

We will continue to monitor global grain markets as they can serve as one concrete measure on the impact of global warming on our daily lives, and also serve as another barometer for how far we are into the End of Days.

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