Believers and other patriots must act to save America before it is too late. This site has been highlighting the attacks on democracy and on the sovereignty of the United States for a number of years. However the sudden death of democracy, should Biden/Harris move into the White House, is shocking. The use of mass mail-in ballot fraud by the Democrats is the knife that has cut out the heart of democracy — free and fair elections. Rigged elections poisons the entire political system, making every political action a lesson in tyranny.

Believers need to head to their state capitals and if possible, all the way to Washington DC. Patriots need to gather to pray and to demonstrate their willingness to defend democracy in America. Set up camp and pray 24/7 — and set up defense perimeters to dissuade the anti-Fa from using violence (if armed, make sure everything is legal). The agents of the Beast have been allowed to act freely, without repercussion. Democracy is on its deathbed and the death of America as a nation will not be far behind — unless people act to prevent an illegitimate Biden/Harris Presidency.

America is truly at the crossroad — a Biden/Harris administration will mean that America will become a hellscape (and the agents of the Beast will be celebrating at each and every step down the path leading to that abyss).

If Biden/Harris form a government then fleeing the country will become the only option left. May God watch over you and give you the resilience to endure, whichever path you take.

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