I was looking around the Web to follow up on the story about the new digital identification system in India — it uses retinal scans and finger prints to create a unique I.D. signature on their system.  It was reported to be a private company that is responsible for creating and implementing that system.  When searching, I stumbled upon this site http://www.innovationnewsdaily.com/467-futuristic-currencies-money-cash.html .  It lists a number of technologies that would support the introduction of the mark of the Beast and a cashless society.  All the needed technology already exists for the introduction of a digital national identification system and its linkage to all economic transactions — and the elimination of cash would make it impossible for anyone to avoid receiving the new I.D.

While God tells us not to worry about what we are to eat or drink or wear, as He will provide for us, Believers who live in the End of Days will need to avoid getting the Mark of Beast at all costs.  If the rapture does not happen prior to the rise of the Beast, then Believers should try to make contingency plans to flee those countries that will implement his mark.  I have not been to South America, but a number of countries have a history of resisting the influence of the USA, like Brazil (they have no extradition treaty with the US) or Ecuador (who gave the Wikileaks founder sanctuary).  I have heard that both countries have made it easy for people to get their passports.  If you have the money, a vacation down south could kill two birds with one stone — get some nice down time on beautiful beaches and check out the living situation (also, there are some indications that global warming will affect the Northern Hemisphere more than the Southern Hemisphere, so there may be other benefits as well — i.e. a more stable food supply).  Of course, you may be called to stay in the domain of the Beast to do God’s work, in which case you should be making some preparation for the hardships to come.

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