There is a prophecy in Revelation that says a great army (literal translation comes out to mean a 200 million man army) will march down a dried out Euphrates river (given our view on global warming and drought, it is easy to imagine the Euphrates river drying out).  By coincidence, past estimates of size of  the Chinese army, when combining regular and militia type units, is 200 million.

The Chinese military has been expending tremendous resources to upgrade its military, increasing its offensive capabilities.  It is seeking to expand its territory by laying claim to the maritime territory of Japan, Vietnam, and the Philippines in the Pacific.  However, Revelation says that China’s aggression will eventually lead it to move westward, towards the Middle East.  China’s ongoing border dispute with India can be illustrative of this viewpoint —

Should Japan eventually re-militarize itself, then this may force China to redouble its efforts to expand westward (to some degree, the destruction of the massive Mongol-Chinese army that tried to invade Japan in the late 13th century must be in their minds).  Revelation says that eventually the Chinese army will move westward, as far as the Euphrates river.  It will be interesting to watch their preparations — it was previously reported that China has committed to build a railway in Afghanistan for the expressed purpose of importing ore from new mining sites.

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