Lately, I find it hard to finish a novel.  They just seem so uninteresting.  What is happening in the world today is just so much more fascinating.  Perhaps the more skeptical would consider some of the ideas and arguments found here as pure fantasy, more fitting for a B-movie.  However, I would argue that as a Believer, we ‘know’ what will happen in the future, so all we are doing is just connecting the dots from the Today to the Tomorrow.

For example, there was a new article out that discuss how the earth’s surface is rising in California because of the drought there —   The depletion of the ground water is so great, that the removal of that weight is causing the earth’s surface to rise.  The article claims that 63 trillion gallons of water has been sucked out of the ground since 2013 — just think of what will happen when the underground aquifers start to get depleted.  Perhaps more interesting, this article makes me think of another article I read about research that indicates that the melting of the Antarctic ice is similarly causing the earth’s surface to rise there as well — and the up welling is causing magma to rise closer to the surface, which may trigger renewed volcanic activity.  I highlight the comparison of very different events as it brings to mind an ‘interesting’ scenario — the realization of Revelation 6:12-17 and opening of the 6th seal.  Previously we argued that an eruption of a supervolcano could easily fulfill this prophecy — and by coincidence, there is a super volcano in western United States.

Should the ongoing massive depletion of ground water in the western half of the United States continue, which it most certainly will, then could this up welling of the earth’s surface also cause movements in the nearby magma?  Might this eventually become a trigger that will cause the Yellowstone supervolcano to erupt, and serve to be the manifestation of the 6th seal?  Lots of ifs in this speculation, but none the less, it makes the world a fascinating thing to watch.

I have argued that as we approach the manifestation of Revelation’s prophecies, it will become clearer to see how those prophecies will become manifested.  Be sure you prepare enough oil for your lamp, so that when the bridegroom arrives, you won’t be locked out of the party (Matthew 25:1-13).

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