The events in Ukraine have the potential to trigger a war between Russia and NATO.  We have argued that this would be taken as confirmation that the 2nd rider, the Red rider has been unleashed upon the world.  However, after the Red rider comes the 3rd horseman — the Black rider, the bringer of famine.  I would argue that the Black rider will have a bigger impact upon the world, as food shortages in developed nations mean famine in poorer countries.

We can already see a scenario by which the Black rider will wreck havoc — drought combined with the depletion of ground water in the US.  We have just recently discussed how the depletion of the underground aquifers in California has been so great that the loss of weight of the siphoned water has caused the earth to actually rise.  It is estimated that even in a ‘good’ year for rainfall, the state is dependent on underground aquifers for 40% of its daily water needs — but with the drought, ground water represents 60% of its daily needs.  There are no published estimates about how much water is left in the aquifers, so it is not known how much water remains — whether 1 year or 15 years.  However, when this water nears depletion, it will devastate California’s agriculture and cause the price of fruits and vegetables to skyrocket.

Such an event will cause tremendous distress, but it will not cause famine.  Should America’s ability to grow massive amounts of wheat and corn be compromised, then at that point, famine will occur.  The depletion of the Ogallala aquifer would be the trigger for this event —

The Ogallala aquifer is massive, but it does not have an infinite amount of water.  Parts of the aquifer is becoming depleted and as that ground water disappears, so does agriculture and the people who work the land.  Just as California agriculture is dependent on ground water for its survival, farmers who grow wheat and corn are also dependent on the Ogallala aquifer.  Previously I read on study that estimated a 10-15 year window before the Ogallala aquifer is completely drained — should drought worsen in the West, it may run out sooner that expected.  Such an event would be worthy of the Black rider — or perhaps something that will wait for Death and Hades, the Pale riders.


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