We have argued that political control over the state of Israel is of utmost importance to the Beast (aka the anti-Christ) and his agents.  Paul tells us, in 2 Thessalonians, that the Beast will use the newly rebuilt Jewish Temple (it cannot be built at the moment as the Temple Mount is the site of a very important Muslim mosque), to proclaim his godhood to the world.  The Beast will not be able to usurp the Temple unless he his political control of Israel.

This site has argued that in order to gain political control of Israel, the Beast will need to merge it into his 10 nation mega-state (aka the European Union, or some derivation of it).  Polls have shown that a majority of Israelis are supportive of the notion of joining the European Union.  However, one very important thing prevents this from happening — the idea of Zionism.  In its broadest meaning, Zionism is the notion that Israel is a Jewish nation — a sovereign nation-state that is solely for the Jewish people.  If Israel is governed on this core principle, then there is absolutely no possibility of Israel joining the European Union.  First, Israel will be abandoning its sovereignty, as the long term goal of the European Union is for all members to give up all of their sovereign rights — i.e. Israel would no longer be a nation.  Second, Israel would no longer be a nation for the Jewish people — as part of the EU, anyone from any EU nation could move to Israel.  Also, most certainly, the Palestinians would also be allowed to return to Israel.

As Zionism is preventing Israel from joining the EU, the first step towards its political merger with the anti-Christ’s mega-state, would be the elimination of Zionism.  At the moment, the one man that is stopping that from happening is the current Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.  Netanyahu has been the longest serving Prime Minister in Israel’s history.  His ruling coalition incorporates many of Israel’s religious parties, and Zionism is a key cornerstone to his policies.  In order to begin undermining and eventually eliminating Zionism from Israel, the agents of the Beast’s must remove Netanyahu from power.  Netanyahu has been recently been formally charged with a number of crimes, by Israel’s attorney general.

Wave of Indignation Over Netanyahu Indictment

Though I am hardly an expert, the charges against Netanyahu reminds me of the charges against Trump, as well as the charges against Le Penn of France — weak and politically motivated.

Israel is at cross roads.  One path represents a continuation of its Zionist policies, where Israel remains a nation-state, solely dedicated to being a home of the Jewish people.  The other path will take it to integration with the European Union, and eventually, a full political merger with the mega-state of the anti-Christ.  Paul, in 2 Thessalonians, tells us that eventually Israel will be led down the latter path.  The agents of the Beast will continue to work 24/7 to make that happen.

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