The Supreme Court ruling establishing the legality of marriage between homosexual couples may prove to be a powerful force in causing Christians to become a small minority of the US (and Europe as well as countries there move to legalize gay marriage).

The Bible has clearly stated its teaching that homosexual acts are abhorrent to God.  Given this, no true Believer can be a homosexual.  The promulgation of homosexuality has caused a rise of homosexuals in both absolute and percentage terms of the population.  The dramatic rise in the gay population over the past 20 years will continue and most likely will accelerate, given the Supreme Court ruling to establish gay marriage.

I would argue that once homosexuality becomes established in a society, and especially when protected and even fostered, homosexuals will become an ever increasing percentage of the general population (I will not lay out the argument now as it would distract from the main point).  With the legalization of homosexual marriage in many Western nations, there may occur a massive leap in the percentage of gay people in the general population.  This gay demographic will be separated from God, and over a period of the next 10 years this demographic group could grow significantly, perhaps eventually representing a majority of the population.

I believe it is safe to argue that an ever growing gay population will correspond with a decline in the percentage of Believers.  The current suppression of public expression of Christian faith will move to legal persecution of Christians as more laws are passed that conflict with the Christian faith.

I do not believe America has yet passed the point of no return as a nation — there is still a chance to turn America away from the road that leads to the Beast.  At this point, perhaps the only way to derail the political agenda of the Beast and his children is a stock market crash and financial meltdown — I will elaborate on this soon.

The fast growing gay population represents one factor that will cause Christians to become a rapidly declining percentage of population.  As that percentage declines, look for religious suppression by the children of the beast to morph into legal harassment and then finally outright persecution.

It is inevitable that the Beast will ascend to power and any Believers found in his domaine will be persecuted, even killed as it is so prophesied in Revelation.  As the signs of Revelation are around us, we can expect his ascension to occur within our lifetime.  We must fight to create a sanctuary, a home that will be free from his dominion.  For the millions of Believers in America, let us pray that America can still be saved from the children of the Beast.

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