The Financial Times has recently reported on a movement in the Netherlands to hold a referendum on the EU fiscal compact.  Enough voters (40,000) have signed the petition to require their legislature to take up the issue in their regular session.  Supporters of EU membership — politicians and other political interest groups — have consistently refused to hold a referendum on EU membership.  They are afraid that voters will reject it.
The debate in their parliament has not even started, so they are still a long way from holding any kind of referendum on  the EU — but they have at least made it to first base.  We will continue to watch how events develop.
This site has argued that those who support the political union of the EU member states and refuse to hold a national referendum on the issue, are showing that both their political positions and their denial of democratic choice, makes them indistinguishable from the Anti-Christ and his supporters.  One of the main political goals of the Beast is the political union of 10 nations to serve as his base of power.  He will be a tyrant and a destroyer of democratic freedom — so to deny citizens the chance to vote on the surrender of national sovereignty would be something clearly in the nature of the Beast and his supporters.

The people of the Netherlands are fighting for a chance to free their nation from the power of the Beast when he rises to power.  Let us keep them in our prayers.  Perhaps their effort will help inspire people in other nations to also fight for their independence as well —  because any nation that eventually joins that political union will lose more than just their sovereignty.

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