The economic policies that will lead us to the End of Days are still in place.  The export of jobs from America and Europe (one aspect of ‘globalization’ of the economy), the massive use of government borrowing and printing of money to offset the economic effects of those job losses, and the subsequent worsening of the wealth divide (the historical wealth difference between the top 1% and the other 99%) are still ongoing phenomena.
Bernanke has succeeded in reflating the bubble economy, as seen by the US stock market breaking through to all time historical highs (on the Dow and SP 500).  He has clearly stated that he is trying to boost the economy through the increase of the use of debt — the same tactic that caused the US housing and stock market bubbles that burst just a few years ago.  He has committed the US Federal Reserve to continue to buy massive amounts of debt on the secondary markets until the US unemployment rate reaches 6.5%.  Despite this being an unprecedented and radical policy, there has been no debate about it.  Given the massive export of manufacturing jobs and the massive influx of illegal workers, the selection of 6.5% unemployment as a sustainable rate is highly debatable.  Bernanke has chosen a level of unemployment that is significantly lower than its natural rate (i.e. there will always be structural unemployment, endemic to the economic policies of any given country) and thus will be forced to create a liquidity bubble to achieve it.
The US Federal Reserve is the sole enabler for the creation of financial bubbles in America — and it is doing it again.  Bernanke (and Greenspan before him) conveniently say that while they are the creators of bubble, they are unable to identify when a bubble is forming — implicitly admitting that they will indeed print money until another bubble is created.  When that bubble pops, they will again exponentially increase the rate of money creation and repeat the cycle.
During the current reflation of the bubble, something different from past cycles is the unprecedented growth in debt in emerging markets.  South America, China, and other countries in Asia have seen debt levels, both public and private, grow to levels never seen before.  When the next bubble pops, it will truly roil the entire globe — and will most likely be the catalyst for the rise of the Beast to his final place of power.
As mentioned repeatedly, the Beast will attempt to control western democracies as his core power base.  Believers outnumber the children of the Beast and can work to keep their nation safe from his dominion.  Cameron has promised to hold a referendum on EU membership in England (though it sounds like an empty campaign promise);  Grillo and his 5 Star Movement has launched a direct challenge to the ‘political elites’ in Italy, calling for policies that can save their nation and its people from the Beast;  in America, the sequestration has come into effect and the House Republicans attempt to reign in the massive borrowing of the federal government.
Preaching God’s message, caring for the ill and needy are important activities for Believers.  However, fighting to keep one’s nation free from the power of the Beast would save everyone from having to receive the mark of the Beast — which includes your family and your friends.

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