We have argued that the global warming models are  generally grossly inaccurate, in that they primarily factor in only man-made factors like car emissions and farts (cow farts, not human ones, but they count as man-made as they relate to food production).  Given this, those models see a gradual, constant rate of increase in global average temperatures.  We argue that global warming will increase at an exponential rate, as man-made global warming triggers a number of natural, self-reinforcing global warming cycles.

An interesting piece of scientific research was recently published, which says the contribution of Greenland ice melt to rising sea levels has increased significantly.

Melting Greenland ice now source of 25% of sea level rise, researchers say

One sentence of this article was particularly interesting:

“Yet there is convincing evidence — including accelerating losses of mass from Greenland and Antarctica — that the rate is actually increasing, and increasing exponentially.

Though this exponential increase is related to the loss of ice mass from Greenland and Antarctica, this is consistent with our argument that global warming will similarly increase at not only a faster rate, but it will increase at an exponential rate.  By doing so, global warming will be a driver in a number of prophecies found in Revelation — ones that will occur within the next 30 years (very possibly much, much sooner than that).

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