Fallen Angel

We have long argued that illegal immigration is an attack on the sovereignty of the nation-state.  There is nothing more fundamental to sovereignty than the ability to control the nation’s borders.  Besides eroding sovereignty, the proponents of ‘open borders’ (i.e. removal of all restrictions on immigration of foreigners) and illegal immigration advocates, have a much bigger end game — the erosion and eventual destruction of democracy.

There is nothing more central to democracy than the election process.  The agents of the Beast seek to use illegal immigrants to sway elections, with the eventual goal of destroying both national sovereignty and democracy.


One study argues that as many as 5 million non-citizens illegally voted in the 2008 Presidential elections, as as many 3 million illegally voted in the 2012 elections.  This massive voter fraud is a direct attack on the election process and on democracy itself.  The agents of the Beast will look to give all illegal immigrants the right to vote, with the notion that this voter block will be sufficient to enact policies that will result in the loss of sovereignty of the nation.

The Beast, while posing as the Jewish moschiach (secular messiah), seeks political power, and in acquiring that power, will rise to power over a ten nation mega-state.  He will be a tyrant that will destroy any remaining vestiges of democracy when he rises to power.

The news is filled with political trends that foreshadow the coming of the Beast.

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