We have argued that the children of the Beast are seeking to use illegal immigration/unrestricted migrant migration as a means to facilitate the break down of sovereign nations, with the long term goal of the creation of a mega-state, from which the Anti-Christ will come to power over (a very brief summation of many different posts).

Revelation tells us that the Beast (aka Anti-Christ) will come to power over a mega-state that is compromised of 10 nations, and we are also told that this mega-state can be seen as a revived Roman Empire.  From this, we can make a number of deductions.  First, the center of the mega-state will be found in Western Europe, as this was the heart of the Roman Empire.  This also means that the Beast will come to power in democratic nations.  The European Union thus becomes the most likely candidate for where the Beast will come to power — though we can plainly see the children of the Beast hard at work in America, so they will attempt (and at this point, look to be successful) to eventually politically merge the US with the coming European mega-state.

To achieve these political merger of nations, given that they are fundamentally democratic in nature,  the children of the Beast will need to overcome the natural inclination of citizens to protect the sovereignty of their nation — in a democracy, the larger the nation-state, the weaker to power of the electorate becomes.  Why would someone in Ohio want to come under the power of those in France or Mexico?  To weaken the sovereignty of nations and to help overcome the voting power of citizens, the children of the Beast are using illegal immigration (or the press now likes to say, ‘migrant’/’migration’).  Though the European ‘migrant crisis’ is in the headlines now, the process by which I am referring to is more advanced in America.

America has lost control of its borders decades ago, and it has done nothing to regain its control of its southern border.  The media says that there are 11 million illegal aliens in America at present, but given this admission, we can easily assume that there are actually many more.  Control of the border and the ability to control the flow of people/goods across that border are fundamental aspects of a nation-state — so we can see that both America and Western Europe are experiencing a weakening of their sovereignty.  However, for a democratic nation to abandon their sovereignty, barring a coup, the voters will need to either agree to a surrender of sovereignty (as in a national referendum),or merely remain passive as their political leaders move toward a political merger of nation-states (as the EU is currently doing).

In America’s case, as it is not part of the EU and thus will not merely require passivity of its citizens to enable a political merger with a mega-state, it will require a victory in the polls for a surrender of sovereignty.  The children of the Beast are hoping to use ‘migrants’ in their fight.  Non-natural citizens will have a weaker identification with ‘American-ness’, and will thus be easier to sway to give away sovereignty, and allow America to become politically merged with some mega-state (or an international organization that act as a government).  Obama’s ‘immigration reform’ was to basically make most of the 11 million illegal immigrants legal, which represents an important step in the agenda of the Beast.  Despite their failure to pass that bill, they are moving on to their next step — using migrant votes to turn the tide of elections in their favor —

We can clearly see that Obama had hoped to turn the 11 million illegal migrants into legal migrants before pushing for their voter registration, but for now he looks to be settling for the millions of legal migrants already in the country.  Given the very close nature of many elections, the creation of a strong pro-immigration block can help win close elections, and thus give further momentum into granting all illegal immigrants citizenship rights.  The granting of voting right to all ‘migrants’ would spell the end for the United States as a sovereign nation — and would all but insure that America will fall under the dominion of the Beast at the time of his ascension to power.

The signs of Revelation surround us.


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