The mass media has only intensified its attacks on Trump, mainly as a desperate attempt to distract from the horrendous facts being disclosed on Wikileaks.  The media attacks on Trump also distract from the fact that the Clinton campaign is 100% based on a mass media smear campaign, and is totally lacking on any real debate on policy.  This is for good reason, as Clinton will only continue the failed policies of Obama.

The US domestic economy is facing many real problems.  Obamacare continues to drive the cost of health insurance higher, and the cost of healthcare itself means bankruptcy for many of those who gets seriously ill or injured.  A whole generation of young people have become so encumbered by debt arising from the astronomical costs of college education, that they will likely remain debt serfs for most of their lives.  The standard of living for most Americans continue to fall, as experienced inflation (not the bullshit inflation numbers being published by the government, but the inflation being actually experienced by 70% of all Americans) continues to rise, while workers are increasing being forced into minimum wage jobs.  Heroine addiction is skyrocketing, as the makers of Oxi grow fat with profits.  These problems are not being discussed and will continue to be ignored, as Clinton will continue to dedicate half of all federal discretionary spending on military expenditures.  Clinton will most likely increase military spending to even higher levels, as she was a vocal supporter of bombing Iran and establishing a no-fly zone over Syria.  These actions will only further increase the death and suffering of millions of people.  Despite of all these serious issues, the Clinton campaign is being supported by the propaganda of the mass media.

The propaganda of the mass media is now on def-con 10, as it makes its final effort to win the Presidential election for Clinton.  The agents of the Beast will say anything and do anything to gain political power.  The office of the US Presidency is the biggest political prize, and they are doing all they can to win it.  Should Clinton win the election, the repercussions will last many years beyond her Presidency.  A conservative Supreme Court justice has recently died, and his spot remains vacant.  A Clinton Presidency would mean that the agents of the Beast would get to select the next Supreme Court judge, guaranteeing that they will control the Court for possibly decades to come.  As the Beast will rule as a tyrant, he will need to control the Supreme Court in order to erode and finally eliminate the Constitutional rights and protections of America — a process that has already begun.

Do not be fooled by the propaganda of the mass media.  Just like the Nazi propaganda machine fooled the German people into supporting Hitler, the current major media outlets would have the American people support those politicians, like Clinton, who will do their bidding.  The Chinese Communist party has 100% control of their media, as does Kim of North Korea.  The agents of the Beast similarly dominate Western media and seek to use the media to dominate the political process.  When the time comes, the propaganda of the Western mass media will also be used to support the rise of the another tyrant — the Jewish secular moshiach, aka the Anti-Christ.  Remember this come November.

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