Though science is supposed to deal with facts and religion with faith, we can see that in the End of Days, science and religion have become intermingled.  Science can now show us how certain prophecies in Revelation will come to pass.  Faith can help us to see where current scientific trends are leading us.

Even the most brilliant scientists will admit that there is much that they do not know or understand — hence we should never mistake scientific theory with scientific fact.  Through empirical observations, we can establish scientific facts, but there is much that cannot be directly observed or manipulated in experiments, and in these cases, we must settle for scientific theories.

When dealing with Christian faith, we face a similar situation.  We know that Jesus walked the Earth, as an actual historical figure, and through the Gospels, we can learn about what He taught.  The writings of Paul are preserved, to help guide us in our faith.  I would consider these things facts.  When dealing with Biblical prophecy, we cross the line into religious theory, as we must attempt to interpret what has been said, and use that interpretation as a framework to analyze the world around us.

I raise this topic because I have been reading more about what is being taught in regards to Revelation and the End of Days.  Theologians and other religious authorities feel compelled to frame their Biblical interpretations as fact, while it is clear that it is religious theory.  Case in point are the arguments about whether there will be a rapture or not, and if there is to be a rapture, will it be pre-Tribulation, mid-Tribulation, or post-Tribulation.

I believe that we must walk in faith, and as our journey takes us closer to the foretold events in Revelation, we will be able to see things more clearly — so do not get bogged down in any dogmatic teachings, but rather, keep your own eyes open and continue to serve God in your best capacity.  As we journey further into the End of Days, our understanding of Revelation’s prophecies will become clearer.

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