The Whore did not need to carry out any extreme false flag event to rig elections this week in the US — the Whore merely used the same tactics that enabled her to steal the last Presidential election.  The illegitimacy of the federal government has only increased.

Our arguments remain the same about where we currently stand along the timeline of the prophecies of Revelation.  The Sixth Seal is the next major prophecy to become manifested, and we have made the argument that event is also tied to the destruction of the Whore and of Babylon itself.  We have repeatedly admitted that manner of the Whore’s demise is unclear.  The Whore’s position remains as strong as ever — but Revelation does tell us the Whore will be struck down suddenly and that the destruction of Babylon will similarly happen in a single day, and perhaps in a single hour.  Given this, it is not surprising that we are unable to see the means of the Whore’s destruction.

As a side note, there have been a few news articles of late, which talk about the growing numbers of Americas moving to Mexico City, the capital of Mexico.  With the US dollar so strong, it is a very good opportunity for those Believers with the means, to leave America for foreign destinations.  Whereas destinations like New Zealand are more for billionaires, those departing to live in Mexico are actually able to live more cheaply, and thus is an option more readily available to many more Believers.  I only bring this up as the strength of the US dollar may only be temporary, so this may be a window of opportunity for Believers to use their overly strong US dollars to make their move and leave America.  The other option is to stay in America and fight, but that is more of a secular decision.  Revelation does not give us any insight as to the role of Believers in the destruction of the Whore.  Each Believer must answer that question in a personal manner.


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