I have not been commenting much on the news of late, partly because I am just overwhelmed by the ridiculous things being repeated by the mass media.  The propaganda techniques/strategy being used by the agents of the Beast were pioneered by Hitler and the National Socialist Part of Germany prior to World War II, which helped them to win elections and gain political power.  Today, those same propaganda techniques and strategies are also employed by the ruling Communist Party in China and Russia as well.  The agents of the Beast continue in their attempts to censor anyone who would argue against them, just as the Communists have done in Russia and China.

The Democrats have chosen Biden and Harris to run as their candidates in this November’s Presidential elections in America.  Biden is no longer capable of speaking coherently unless he is reading from a teleprompter.  Harris comes from California which is a Democrat stronghold.  Traditionally, Vice-Presidential candidates come from areas where extra support is needed to win the election.  The Democrat’s choice of candidates show that they have given up on trying to win an honest election.  Their strategy is to foment societal chaos in order to facilitate wide spread voting fraud through mail-in ballots.  Should the Democrats succeed in winning the Presidency this November, they will pass laws and regulations that will help rig all future Presidential elections, allowing them to aggressively pursue the political agenda of the Beast, as they will be free of the constraint of the will of the people.  The implications of this are truly dire.  For this reason, it is extremely important for Believers to work for an overwhelming victory for Trump, as this would help to overcome the fraudulent mail-in ballots and votes from illegal immigrants (California, Illinois, and New York have made it easier for illegal immigrants to participate in national elections).

The mass media always uses manipulated polling numbers to artificially inflate the supposed popularity of the candidates they favor.  Whether it is meant to discourage the opposition and/or to engender more support for their favored candidate (or perhaps both), I do not know.  However, when combined with voter fraud, it becomes an insidious attempt to justify the fraudulent outcome of an election.

All of the fake news/propaganda being generated can make one anxious of the day when the Democrats are successful in winning the Presidential election again.  Given the timeline of the prophecies in Revelation, it would represent a further acceleration in the ascension of the Beast (aka Anti-Christ).  Laws will be passed that will be used to not only suppress Christianity but will also be used to oppress and even persecute Believers for their faith.  The violence of the anti-Fa (which has been merged into the BLM movement) will not end, but will instead be redirected towards Christians and other conservatives.  The Supreme Court will be packed with judges who will rule in favor of any measure that will help achieve the agenda of the Beast and his agents.  Democracy will exist in name only, as  elections will be compromised to the extent that they will no longer have any meaning.  In such a scenario, I cannot help but think that God would no longer have reason to shield America from the dire fallout from the prophecies of Revelation.  There would be no reason to not have a supervolcano erupt in America, when the Sixth Seal is opened (America is home to more supervolcanos than any other country in the world).

Whatever the outcome of the US elections this November ( a Democratic sweep of the Presidential and Congress elections has negative implications for all Believers, given America’s standing in the world), Believers need to be prepared.  If nothing else, at least formulate contingency plans.  The societal chaos being engendered by the agents of the Beast will only get worse.  As their political power grows, they will only become more aggressive in pursuit of their agenda.  Believers must be ready for such a reality.

As servants of God, we are required to focus on the spiritual needs of others, and be of giving heart.  However, Jesus told the disciples to be as wise as serpents when dealing with evil.  As Christ is the shepherd of His Believers, so should we be shepherds and protect our family, friends, and neighbors.  Believers need to organize in order to protect themselves from the growing violence against people of faith.  Self-defense is a God given right — we will all be held accountable for our actions and I believe that God will not judge us for defending our lives and our loved ones against mindless evil.  Again, we must pray and have faith that the Holy Spirit who resides in us, will help us to do the right thing when push comes to shove (literally speaking as well).  We must not be timid in the face of the rising evil of the End of Days.





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