Earlier this year (or perhaps it was last year), this site speculated that Kamala Harris was the prime candidate for the Democratic Presidential nomination.  Her poor performance and numbers led to her dropping out.  It would appear that she will has been selected as Joe Biden’s running mate, as has been just leaked by one news source.

We felt that given her statements and the overwhelming support of the mass media, that she had won the backing of the agents of the Beast.  If she is indeed the Democratic  candidate to be Vice-President, then should Joe Biden win the November elections, he will not only be a mere puppet of the agents of the Beast, but that he will not last more than a year as President.  The agents of the Beast will look to remove him quickly — not hard, as he is already mentally impaired by age.

Should the Democrats win control of the White House this November, it will mean the death of democracy in America.  Mail-in voting will have proven to not only rig this election, but policies and laws will be put into place to rig every important election in the country going forward.  Elections will have no more meaning than they do in Russia.

The Beast will rule as a tyrant, destroying any remaining vestiges of democracy — a Democratic win in November will hasten his ascension.

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